I made a silicon head/skull mold

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

I’d be lost without Jonni’s head/skull pattern but making a new form every time is challenging, especially since I reduce it to 40 or 50% (which means lots of tiny pieces to tape together with my very clumsy fingers). So, I got excited when I saw her tutorial on how to make a silicon mold. I ordered Rebound 25 but Amazon sent me the wrong stuff. I returned it and re-ordered only to be told it was out of stock. Bummer. But then I remembered I had a little bit of silicon mix leftover from when I had a bite guard impression made. It was “people grade” but I thought — why not?

Anyway, it worked! I only had enough for just the face so I’ll still need to add the top of the head and the chin with cardboard but that will be pretty simple to add on. For the mother mold I used quickdry joint compound – just mixed some up and pushed the silicon mold into it. Took about 30 minutes for everything to set up.

Lots of marionettes and bobble heads in my future!

paper mache skull form made in silicone mold

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