Hungry Catbird

Made by Eileen Gallagher

During the summer, there are catbirds that wait every day for pear pieces at lunchtime. They actually yell if I don’t give them my lunchtime pear core.(God forbid I run out!) I thought I would do a sculpture to remember them by!

4 thoughts on “Hungry Catbird”

  1. That’s a great piece Eileen , a pleasure to look at .
    The colors work well together and the wooden base is perfect.
    Well done .

  2. They are my favorite songbird in our area. They migrate south in the winter but arrive back every spring. They are such characters, sing pretty and are very curious about us humans. They love water and the sound of it. If you are setting up a sprinkler for the garden, they are there singing their little hearts out. They have one funny sound they make which sounds like a cat’s meow, hence the name. I have read that is a sign of anxiety though so I get alert when I hear it. I know, I’m pathetic but do so enjoy nature! Hope you are well.

    • Eileen, I think this piece is SO precious! I absolutely love the story behind it too. I truly hope that you make something else soon! I would love to see it.


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