Humpty on a Wall

Made by Ali D

I saw a video on-line of someone making Humpty Dumpty and I had to have one of my own. It looks pretty much like the original so I feel guilty but I am not an artist, only a copyist. It is made from packing cardboard so the texture is a bit rough. The wall is made from a weighted tea carton and covered in pm clay made with the rough clay and the “bricks” were cut into the clay while wet. Unfortunately, it got a bit skewed and the lines slant a bit. I am terrible at painting and it looked nice but cartoony when finished, but I tried for the weathered look and I think I went too far.

3 thoughts on “Humpty on a Wall”

  1. I think the wall looks absolutely fantastic!
    “Old” brick has character…lines are not straight, there may be cracks and chunks out of it, and different colors with age.
    Kudos on this wall from me!
    (Humpty is nice too – provided he hangs on!)

    • Thanks. I love brick walls and am planning on making more. But I generally have more plans than time:-) Poor Humpty keeps falling off the wall. I will have to put him somewhere where I won’t bump into him.


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