Humpty Dumpty sits on my shelf

Made by Linda Arnold

I’m primarily a folk art painter but once I saw You’re paper mache demo I couldn’t resist trying it myself, since my first project of Humpty, I have moved on to creating replicas of our dear pooches which have passed on to their forever homes in glory.

Paper mache sculpture

4 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty sits on my shelf”

    • Thank you Pat, he actually did tumble off the shelf one day and he then went to my paper mache emergency clinic! Luckily the damage was repairable and I was able to put Humpty back together again! Haha

    • Thank. You Eileen, I sure had fun assembling him and I’m glad that was conveyed to you in his character. My folk art paintings have that whimsical look to them also. Yes, I’ll take some pictures of my paper mache pups and post em soon. I don’t have my own web sis, but I’do have an Etsy shop under my name


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