Humpty Dumpty “Her Eggcellency!”

Made by Karen Urrutia

This is my first paper mache art project. I followed your instructions for the vintage Humpty Dumpty for making my Humpty but decided to finish it off with a twist and make it a woman.

She was made with plaster cloth and the recipe that includes the joint compound. She has lace for the neckline, pearls on the Harlequin pattern, pearls and lace on her wrists/hat and a shimmery veil from the top of her hat. Her eye shadow is glittery and the Harlequin pattern is in metallic paints although each is difficult to see with the camera. Her shoes were made with baby pink glitter and her body, once complete, was sealed with 2 coats of Liquitex Gloss Varnish.

She was a pleasure to make but I must give credit to my husband for her name because he is much more witty than I am. I will be making a husband for my queen and when I do I will share it. Jonni thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world.

Her Eggcellency Close Up
Her Eggcellency Close Up
Her Eggcellency's Waist Details
Her Eggcellency’s Waist Details


3 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty “Her Eggcellency!””

  1. What a charming and exquisite Humpty Queen!! The work is amazing and the artistry is exquisite! The pearls and Harlequin artwork are the finishing touches that take her to new heights.
    Can not wait until you make her husband to go with her!

  2. Anything to please Your Majesty. You are the most beautiful of them all.

    (First project? Really. That is perfection. Can’t wait for His Highness, but she looks like she can run the ship!) Very creative.


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