How to Sculpt Paper Mache Animals

There are almost 200 tutorials on this site that show you how to create your own paper mache animals. To see them all, scroll through the tutorials below.

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If you’re just getting started with your animal sculpting adventure, watch this free three-part course.

Make this famous blue hippo from ancient Egypt while learning how to sculpt animals –  it’s a fun, easy project, and it makes  a great gift.

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Finished paper mache bison

Super Light Armature for Large Figures! Plus Free Bison Pattern.

Today’s guest tutorial comes from our friend Jane Adamo. She’s previously shown us some of her sculptures on the Daily Sculptors page. In this post …

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How to make a paper mache mouse

Make a Paper Mache Mouse

This little mouse is fast and easy to make, with a pattern inside and just one layer of paper strips and paste.

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How to make paper mache feathers

How to Make Paper Mache Feathers

Learn how to make realistic paper mache feathers, with some wire, masking tape, and one layer of paper strips and paste (or glue).

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Fox Mask Pattern for Paper Mache

Make a Fox Mask or Wall Sculpture

This fox mask pattern is easy to use, with cereal box cardboard, one layer of paper mache, and paint.

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25 paper mache tutorials

25 Paper Mache Tutorials You Won’t Want to Miss!

Make an octopus, a giant bear, a giraffe for your baby’s nursery – and many more step-by-step guest tutorials for paper mache.

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How to make paper mache.

How to Make Paper Mache – The 5 Basic Steps

If you want to know how to make paper mache, this post is for you. Paper mache (or papier-mâché, if you prefer to say it …

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How to make a silicone mold for paper mache

How to Make a Silicone Mold for Paper Mache

Create multiple copies of your paper mache masks and sculptures with Rebound 25 silicone molds. Great idea for costume designers and sellers.

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Sculpt a Baby Bonobo with WED Clay

Sculpt a Baby Bonobo, Starting with WED Clay

This WED clay sculpture of a grinning baby bonobo is the first step of the project. In the next video he’ll be finished, and I’ll hang him on my bathroom wall, to add a touch of cheer to the small space.

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The smoothed clay, ready to dry and then paint.

How I Get Air Dry Clay Smooth

When our friend Rex Winn showed us his latest Kune Kune pig on the Daily Sculptors page, Lisa Anne asked him if he’d be willing …

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Make a Puffer Fish

Make a Pufferfish with Paper Mache Clay

This guinea fowl puffer fish is easy to make with paper mache clay. The fins are made with foil tape, so they can be bent to make him look like he’s swimming.

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Painting the carousel horse

Carousel Horse Made With Paper Mache

How Isis made her life-sized carousel horse with paper mache.

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Paper mache croc from Peter Pan

The Tick-tock Croc

How to make the Tick-Tock Croc from Peter Pan

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What's the craziest thing I've ever made?

Is This the Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Made?

This cicada bug mask has to be the craziest thing I’ve ever made with paper mache. But what is the cutest thing? Or the project I wish I’d made, but never have?

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Make a little owl with paper mache clay

Make a Little Owl with Paper Mache Clay

This little owl starts out with a simple cardboard pattern and a fast sketch. Then it’s finished with paper mache clay and acrylic paint.

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Painting a Rooster Sculpture

Painting the Rooster

In this video, my Magic Sculpt rooster gets his bright red comb and wattles, and his white feathers.

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Rooster Made with Magic Sculpt

Magic Sculpt Rooster – the Epoxy Clay Layer is Done

This rooster portrait bust is nearly done. The plaster cloth shell is now covered with Magic Sculpt epoxy clay, and is ready to be painted.

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Sculpt a Rooster

Sculpting a Rooster Portrait with WED Clay, Plaster Cloth and Magic Sculpt

Sculpting a Rooster Portrait with WED Clay, Plaster Cloth and Magic Sculpt

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Make a paper mache chicken

Make a Paper Mache Chicken – an Easy, No-Stress Project

This paper mache chicken is an easy, no-stress project. It’s a great way to start sculpting with paper mache clay, because it’s easy and fast – and fun!

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paper mache lop-eared bunny featured

How to Make a Paper Mache Bunny Sculpture

This little lop-eared bunny is easy to make, with either paper mache clay or traditional paper mache strips and paste.

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Free Online Art Classes and Projects

Free Art Projects and Online Classes

Free art classes and projects that you can find on YouTube and on my site. Oil painting, sculpting, mask making and more.

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