How to Sculpt Paper Mache Animals

There are almost 200 tutorials on this site that show you how to create your own paper mache animals. To see them all, scroll through the tutorials below.

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If you’re just getting started with your animal sculpting adventure, watch this free three-part course.

Make this famous blue hippo from ancient Egypt while learning how to sculpt animals –  it’s a fun, easy project, and it makes  a great gift.

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Update on experimental paper cement clay

Paper Cement Clay Update

The toad made with the new experimental Paper Cement Clay has now been outside for four months, in rain, sun and snow. How is he holding up? In this video we find out.

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New Unicorn Mask Pattern

New Unicorn Mask Pattern

This new unicorn mask pattern is easy to put together. Once the paper mache is added, you can paint it any way you like, and add a beautiful mane with yarn or ribbon.

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dragon head pattern for paper mache

Dragon Head Pattern

Previous Next Dragon Head Pattern $12 Make this Dragon Head sculpture for your home, or for a very special gift. No sculpting experience required – …

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Make dragon scales with DIY air dry clay

Make Dragon Scales with DIY Air Dry Clay If you’re sculpting a dragon, lizard, snake or fish, here’s a faster way to sculpt the scales. This isn’t nearly as precise as sculpting …

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Lion by Amy Cole

Friendly Full Size Lion – Full Sculpt 3.5 ft tall

How Amy Cole made her life-sized lion for a baby shower, using paper mache clay.

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Toad and Dragon in Process

Toad and Dragon (and garden) Update

The paper cement toad has been out in the rain for two weeks. And I’ve been working on the new dragon pattern.

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Painting the paper cement clay toad

Painting the Paper Cement Clay Toad

The leaf casting and toad are now painted and ready to go out into the yard. They were sculpted with paper cement clay, an experimental weatherproof paper mache clay recipe that we’re just now trying out, to see how well it holds up with rain, sun and snow.

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Toad Sculpture made with Weatherproof Paper Mache Clay

Garden Toad Made with New Weatherproof Paper Mache Clay Last week I made a leaf for this toad to sit on. Now the toad himself is almost done. He still needs to be …

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Leaf Casting with Weatherproof Paper Mache Clay2 yt

Making a Leaf Casting with Waterproof Paper Mache Clay

This leaf casting is made with our experimental weatherproof (cement-based) paper mache clay. When it’s cured and painted, it will go out in the garden and left there for several seasons, to see how well it holds up in the rain and snow.

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Making a foam rock sculpture base

Making the Rock Base for the Blue Footed Boobies The Blue-Footed Booby sculpture is finally done! This project was supposed to be a simple tutorial showing how to make a bird sculpture stand …

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How to make a paper mache ostrich

So You Want to Make an Ostrich? Pam Jurach Shows Us How

See how Pam creates a paper mache ostrich in this tutorial.

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Painting the Blue Footed Boobies

The Boobies Got Blue Feet!

The blue-footed boobies finally got their blue feet. This is the third video in this tutorial series. In the next video the pair of boobies will get a fake rock base to stand on.

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Sculpting blue-footed boobies

Sculpting Blue Footed Boobies, Part 2 – Adding the Feathers and Air Dry Clay The blue-footed boobies’ feet still aren’t blue yet, but we’re getting there. This is the second video about sculpting blue-footed boobies. Click here for …

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Sculpt a paper mache Blue-Footed Booby

Starting the Blue Footed Booby, Balancing on Two Feet Starting the Blue Footed Booby Sculpture… Click here to download my free PDF pattern for a Blue-Footed Booby. In this video you can see …

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Painting a paper mache moose with latex paint

Painting the Moose with Latex Paints

This video shows you how to use a few sample jars of latex paint to add color to a paper mache moose.

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Mix fur colors with latex paint

Mix Fur Colors with Latex Paint

Use just four sample colors of latex paint to create a nice range of warm browns and gray for painting fur.

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Make a paper mache moose wall sculptuire

Make a Paper Mache Moose

Make a paper mache moose head for your wall. This sculpture is easy to make with the pattern, cardboard, paper mache and paint.

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Easy Easter Bunny with Paper Mache

Make a Quick and Easy Easter Bunny

This paper mache Easter Bunny is fast and easy to make. It would be a great project to do with kids.

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Another fast giant portrait iin clay

Another Fast Giant Portrait – Playing Around With Clay

I spent another hour playing around with clay – this time moving the clay to change my first giant into my second giant. And I had a lot of fun doing it. It’s a clay sketch, really – a way to practice sculpting without being too worried about getting it right.

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Hippo wall sculpture pattern for paper mache

Hippo Pattern

This Hippo wall sculpture is easy to make with the pattern, cardboard, and paper mache.

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