How to Make Paper Mache Masks

We have many tutorials on this site showing you how to make paper mache masks, and you can see them all below.

You can display your new hand-made masks on the wall or wear them at Halloween or at Mardi Gras. (Tip: The wall masks make great gifts.)

Also be sure to see this page with my patterns that help you make paper mache animal masks, including headdress-style masks for the Lion King Jr. play.

Scroll down to see all of our tutorials on how to make paper mache masks.

How to paint and add feathers to a bird mask for Mardi Gras

Make a Paper Mache Bird Mask for Mardi Gras or a Fancy Dress Party

These downloadable bird mask patterns are made with cereal box cardboard and paper mache. They tape together quickly, so you can get right to the fun part – adding your paint, feathers and imagination to create unique masks for Mardi Gras, Halloween or a fancy dress party.

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last minute mask Freddy the Freeloader

Freddie the Freeloader – Last-Minute Paper Mache Mask

Made by Jonni

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Easy DIY Blank Mask Form

Easy DIY Blank Mask Form

Use this easy-to-make blank mask form for your next custom-designed mask. You make it to fit your face perfectly, it takes very little time, and you can use it to create a mask that reflects your own creativity. Have fun with it!

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New Unicorn Mask Pattern

New Unicorn Mask Pattern

This new unicorn mask pattern is easy to put together. Once the paper mache is added, you can paint it any way you like, and add a beautiful mane with yarn or ribbon.

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lantern eyed alien mask

Lantern-Eyed Fish Alien Mask

An Alien Mask Based on a Lanternfish? Sure – Why not? My alien mask is a little weird, but the 12-year old kid next door …

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Halloween Skulls with Lighted Eyes

Halloween Skulls with Lighted Eyes Skulls with Lighted Eyes? If you watched my “clown skull” video, you know I wasn’t excited about them. OK, I really didn’t like them …

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Paint a baby tiger mask

Baby Tiger

See how I painted this baby tiger mask – with boo-boos and all. There were mistakes along the way, and you’ll see them all, but it still looks great.

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Tiger pattern for a mask or wall sculpture

Tiger Pattern for a Mask or Wall Sculpture

Printable Tiger Pattern Headdress Mask or Wall Sculpture $12 This King of the Jungle looks amazing when it’s done, but it’s easy to make with …

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Murder Hornet Halloween Helmet Mask

Murder Hornet Halloween Mask, Part 2

The Murder Hornet Halloween mask gets his Halloween colors in this final video. He’s now ready to wear.

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Murder hornet halloween mask

Make a Murder Hornet Halloween Mask

This Murder Hornet Halloween mask will be a helmet-style mask. In this first video I create the shapes with crumpled foil and hot glue over a bowl I found in the kitchen.

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Pumbaa headdress mask pattern featured

Pumbaa Headdress Mask Pattern

This Pumbaa headdress mask pattern is easy to make with cereal box cardboard, foil, paper mache and paint. The instructions include lots of photos.

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Timon Headdress Mask Pattern

Timon Headdress Mask Pattern for the Lion King Play

This Timon headdress mask pattern for the Lion King Play is easy to use. Just cut out the pieces, tape them together, and add one layer of paper mache.

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Zazu headdress mask pattern for the Lion King Play

Zazu Headdress Mask Pattern for the Lion King Jr. Play

Lion King Play – the Zazu Headdress Mask Pattern

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hyena mask pattern

Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern

Lion King play – the Hyena Headdress Mask Pattern

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Wolf mask with taxidermy eyes.

Wolf Head with Taxidermy Acrylic Eyes

Made by John B. Martin

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Make a Mandrill Mask for Rafiki in the Lion King Play

Make a Paper Mache Mandrill Mask

Lion King Play – the Rafiki Headdress Mask Pattern.

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How to Make Paper Mache Masks

Lion Headdress Mask Patterns for the Lion King Jr. Play

Lion King Play – the Lion Headdress Mask Patterns

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strong fast-drying paper mache

Super-Strong Paper Mache that Dries Really Fast

Create a strong paper mache mask really fast by using Titebond III glue instead of the usual flour and water paste. Just one layer completes your masterpiece.

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How to make a mask with paper mache

How to Make a Mask with Paper Mache

See how I created paper mache African mask with four layers of paper strips and paste. My model was a 100 year old mask from the Ivory Coast.

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DIY cow mask or wall sculpture

Pattern for a Paper Mache Cow Mask or Wall Sculpture

This downloadable pattern will help you create a realistic cow mask or wall sculpture, with cardboard, tape, paper mache and paint.

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For Even More Paper Mache Masks...

Be sure to take a look at all the wonderfully creative paper mache masks and sculptures that have been submitted by our readers.

If you’d like to see some tutorials that use more traditional paper mache methods than the ones on this site, check out the

If you want to let your neighbors to know how much you love Halloween, don’t miss these YouTube channels: Unhinged Productions and  DistortionsUnlimited

And remember – click here if you’re looking for mask patterns for the Lion King Jr. play or this summer’s VBS

Looking for professional-level training in mask and character design? Sign up for the free trial for courses at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.