How to Make an Owl Mask #2

paper mache owl mask

The paper mache owl mask is now almost ready for the paper mache.

If you haven’t seen the first video, click here.

I worked in front of my computer yesterday, looking at photos of the Great Horned Owl that I found on Google Image Search. There are tons of them!

In the video you’ll see the changes I made since I worked on the ‘rough draft’ of the mask, and it now has ears (or horns? they look like ears to me). I’ll do a few very minor tweaks to the clay model, and then let it sit in the freezer for a few minutes while I mix up some paper mache paste.

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Why put it in the freezer? Because the plastilina is so soft that every time I move the mask, I bump the beak and it bends. The cold will harden the clay so I can’t damage the shapes while I add the paper mache. I like to use the soft clay, and if it wasn’t for that beak sticking out, I wouldn’t bother cooling the clay before adding the paper mache. However, a crooked beak just won’t do.

I haven’t quite decided yet if I should use strips of brown paper with flour and water paste, or blue shop towels and the joint compound/glue gesso recipe for paste. Either one would work. If you have a preference, let me know.

Three More Videos – See How the Mask Was Made and How it Came Out:


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  1. Hola Jonni!! espero a ver el últimos video para saver por cuál pasta te decidiste, de cualquier manera sé que lograrás una hermosa máscara. Sé que el resultado será increíble, pero ya quiero verla terminada!!! Me gustan mucho tus trabajos Jonni y contigo he aprendido muchísmas cosas que ni yo misma sabía que podría crear por mí misma!! Gracias por tus buenos consejos y compartir tu página con todos nosotros!! una admiradora, desde la ciudad de Aguascalientes, México!
    Alma Delia


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