Horsey woman

Made by Jennifer Green

These two started out as lumps of old flyers held together by masking tape, some wire and thank heavens for glue guns.
I made the horse first and attached the lovely lady on top with a wooden dowel then mache clay.
I hope you smile!

Horsey Woman sculpture

Horsey Woman sculpture

6 thoughts on “Horsey woman”

    • Thanks very much Penny.
      That is what I like people to do when they see my work. It makes me feel like my funny little sculptures have accomplished their goal.
      There are others posted here if you want more chuckles.
      Cheers. Jennifer.

  1. Well, I try to sculpt, new to the art. I seem to jump around but for the last year I’ve become pretty addicted to paper mache and recently cement clay. ?

    • Thanks very much. I’m ready to start another project but I mustn’t rush. I’m waiting for my imagination to kick in…….
      You sculpt?


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