Horse sculpture

Made by Diana Dwelle

I just finished my horse. Took me longer than expected as 2 major snowstorms made 7’ drifts on our porch and road! Kept us busy. All is well now and we’re happy for the moisture! I call my horse Stormy Day! His mane was my biggest challenge. I wanted it to flow slightly back as if in a breeze but getting it to look natural was, I think, more than I could handle!

I tried using aluminum foil to give it shape and texture while it dried, with limited success. The paste used to stiffen it enough to hold it’s shape left a grey tone to the black crochet thread I used so I painted as best as I could with black acrylic paint. I used a sponge to get the dappled color I wanted.

All in all, I’m happy with him! Hopefully I’ll improve with practice! I love watching your videos! They are so inspiring and easy to follow! Thanks for all the work you put into them!

6 thoughts on “Horse sculpture”

  1. Perfect…I love how you got the depth around the eyes…I have stalled on mine because of the mane also… so many half done..lol

  2. Diana, Stormy Day is absolutely lovely and I love the way you have painted him and his mottled muzzle. I agree manes are difficult – I made a racehorse and tried several ways to make a mane look natural, with not much joy, then I was lucky that my grand daughter gave me some of her old hair extensions and they were great for mane and tail with a coating of joint compound pasted over it to stiffen it. Stormy Day looks so real, you could put a bridle on him!


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