Horse head for the garden

Made by Naomi Askey

I used the form lined with worbla. I made the crest from worbla to attach the mane to. I made the ears larger. After the paper mache, I covered the whole thing with clay made from paverpol to make it completely weatherproof. I used crochet cotton dipped in paverpol for the mane.

Horse head pattern made with worbla

7 thoughts on “Horse head for the garden”

  1. The clay doesn’t have a specific recipe, but you mix paverpol and paverplast to a thick buttercream consistency, then add artstone until it’s no longer sticky. There are videos on YouTube about how to mix and using the clay. I used mesh art Worbla which lined the horse fine. I think ordinary Worbla would be better because you can mould the offcuts back so it’s less expensive.hope that helps

    • Thanks, Naomi. This is really interesting. When you used the worbla with the pattern, did you use cardboard, too? Or just the pattern stuck to the worbla and then cut out? (sorry for all the questions, but this is all totally new to me, and the result you got with your horse is really nice!)

      • I used cardboard for the pattern, 200gsm, when I was happy with the shape I heated the worbla and stuck it to the inside of the pattern. This made it really strong. I did use silicon finger guards and metal modelling tools to avoid burning myself. The nostrils are made from worbla, you can model it when it’s warm. The eyelids are the pacerpol clay. Hope this helps. I did try the pattern onto the worbla but it was too stiff to shape and when heated it just flopped.

  2. Hi Naomi. Your horse looks great. Thank you so much for letting us see it.

    You’ve come up with some very inventive ideas for making it waterproof! I’ve never heard of clay made with paverpol. Do you have a special recipe? I have heard of worbla before, but I’ve never seen it used. I just now looked it up online and it looks like there are a lot of different versions. Is there a particular type or thickness that you would recommend? I would like to try it, and I’m sure some of my readers would, too.


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