Horse Amos Makeover

Made by Connie Kulow

Amos underwent surgery and a makeover. He suffered two fractures in the back legs and one in the front leg. I taped him up and plastered another layer of paper mache clay and painted him as an Appaloosa (at his request of course). The original reins kept cracking, so I removed it and attached a “real set of reins” from a bridle. The third picture shows the original Amos.

Amos the paper mache horse
Paper mache horse
Amos, before repair and new paint.

8 thoughts on “Horse Amos Makeover”

    • Thanks Angie! I really wanted to make a full sized roping horse. He was quite the project, especially with the saddle. I love him!

    • Thank you Linda! It was quite the project and it was such an “oh my gosh” moment when I had to do surgery on him. I feel like I have made two horses lol. I like how the saddle turned out too 🙂

    • Thank you Pat! My husband keeps asking me if I have ever heard of miniature horses and cows! lol Amos was quite the project and I especially enjoyed making the saddle look old and rustic.

    • I think it was a combination of not putting a second coat of paper mache clay on him, as well as not keeping him in one spot in the guest room. He was moved frequently due to his size to make room for things like suitcases! Those pesky suitcases! Because of being so large, he is kind of heavy and it put stress on his legs when he was moved and not completely picked up. He now has small furniture sliders underneath his hooves. I like the spots too!


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