Holiday Deer

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Hello, everyone. I hope you had a great holiday, and that you’re looking forward to the New Year.

I haven’t been working on any paper mache this week, but I should get to start some big projects as soon as I move into my new house in the middle of January. In the meantime, I’m keeping myself busy by rewriting a book I started back when I was waiting for my last house to close. It’s called “How I Sold My House in Six Days on Craigslist.” It isn’t as much fun as sculpting, but my little rental house just doesn’t have enough light for any serious artwork.

The nice deer on this post is eating out of my step-mother’s bird feeder, right off the deck at Pete and Dianne’s house in Bellingham, WA. (The only wild animals that come up to my deck are cotton-tail rabbits). My dad said he took the photos just a few weeks ago. There’s a foot of snow here in South Dakota, and they’ve still got flowers in their garden!

He also said there are two different deer in the photos, but I can’t tell them apart.

Several people lately have mentioned that they want to make a sculpture of a deer, and Pete said we’re welcome to use his photos. Two of them would be perfect for creating a pattern for a paper mache sculpture, because they’re taken from the side and have the full outline of the body in profile. Thanks, Pete!

If you do decide to use these for a sculpture, be sure to post a photo of it here on the blog. I’d love to see what you come up with. I may even make one, myself, after I get moved. It would be fun to put a deer that doesn’t eat the shrubbery in my new garden. But I have a few more books I want to write, first…

The photos get bigger if you click on them. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Holiday Deer”

  1. Hello Jonni
    I stumbled on this photo on here because I was looking to reference a deer Template I remember you did I live in upstate NY where we have a lot of deer I like to supplement their diet when it starts getting cold …they come right up in my yard where I have old crab apple trees .Many people look at the deer as a nuisance but I truly love them as they are so regal and graceful with a very timid vulnerability.This photo was a perfect reference for the pose I want my deer have ..Thanks so much I love your blog as well as your youtube channel you truly inspire me !

    • Hi Dena. I’m glad you enjoy the blog, and you’re able to use the deer photo. If you make a sculpture of a deer, I do hope you’ll let us see it when it’s done.

  2. Jonni I think your sculptures are amazing! I am so inspired. I have a some questions for you though. I want to do a full size sculpture of a horse lying down..I would be using your new recipe which includes the powedered clay. My first question is how to dry it. It obviously won’t fit in my oven. How would I dry such a large sculpture? If I let it air dry will it make the mache brittle or cracked? What was the largest paper mache sculpture you have done? Thanks for the help I love your videos!

    • The PM clay will dry just fine in a warm room. The oven just speeds things up a bit. Make sure you use really thin layers so it won’t take forever to dry. There may be small cracks since the pm clay shrinks a little, but they aren’t usually noticeable. If they are, just smear a bit of wet goo over the cracks, and let it dry again.

      So far, the baby elephant is the largest thing I’ve done. However, someone asked me about making a life-sized baby giraffe, which is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Mabe that will happen this spring.

  3. Jonni,
    These pictures them selves are wonderful. I love the look of the flower pots, plants vines, and rustic looking structure. There are three pics there that would look great framed, at least I would frame them 🙂 They are all nice though:)

  4. Hi Jonni, I am new to your site, and just purchased your book on Paper Mache animals. I have been inspired and now am attempting a full size fox! Phew, I have never crumpled so much paper in my life. I have done traditional papier mache with the strips and glue and made a wonderful big goose, so I am hoping I will be sucessful with this one. Will send pictures when finished. Thanks for all your help.

  5. Sitting in my chair (I do alot of that) I saw what I thought was a pair of unusual birds. When I got up to look it was the ears of the smallest deer eating from the bird feeder.
    Grampa Pete

  6. Ahhh yes…reminds me of my years on Vancouver Island and Quadra Island…now in Saskatchewan we have the lovely endless prairies of virgin snow…with its endless inspirations. Good wishes on your exciting move!
    Deer would be an interesting contrast to the very fat cat I’m working on now….but maybe a bit closer to the ballet dancing flamingo I’m also playing with. Can we have too much fun with this?

    • Shirley,
      I couldn’t help notice you lived on Vancouver island and Quadra…. I just wanted to say hi because that is where I am. I have also lived in Calgary. I have to say the island is my home and I would love to see some of your work ..As you know this place is a mecca for artists (or at least it seems that way ..maybe because its so small). I’m sure you don’t miss the rain but wow what a change in winter eh 🙂 It is very nice to see other people closer to home on Jonni ‘s wonderful site.

      • Hey there Tammy, Glad you’re enjoying Quadra. I lived there for a year and then moved to Comox which was more to my liking….less isolated. Boy, I sure remember those hairy ferry rides this time of year…ride-em-cowboy!!!
        I used to sell my paintings at the Batoche Gallery…now gone. If you’re interested in seeing my work, just google my name and you should get a connection at Fine Art America, an internet gallery of artists.
        I also used to have my own little gallery shop at the top of the ‘mall’, above the post office and other shops. I’d love to see some of your work as well.
        Keep warm and dry!

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