Hipster Date Night bobble-heads

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

I made the heads for this couple almost a year ago (Jonni’s pattern printed at 50%). Then I kept picking them up and putting them down again because I couldn’t decide what to do with them. Finally, I just started making bodies and this is what I ended up with. Used a little bit of everything – traditional, super-smooth, and blue shop towel paper mache plus wood dowels, cardboard tubes, a cone that held yarn… About 18 inches tall.

Hipster bobbleheads

3 thoughts on “Hipster Date Night bobble-heads”

    • Thanks. Yes, the man’s shirt and pants and the woman’s jacket are made from shop towels. I painted on a few extra layers of glue/joint compound to make them a little stiffer. The pants aren’t painted because it seemed the perfect color for faded jeans.


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