Made by Rex Winn

Oh July 6, my beloved sister called me and said, “Can you make me a mother hippo and five babies.” Overwhelmed, I said, “We’ll see.” Which means she was not sure if I would do it. She has five grandchildren that she cares for much of the time. I tried to make each one individual and had a fun time doing them. (The babies are about 3.5″ tall.)

At the end of the project, I tried to think of all the mean things my sister had done to me so I wouldn’t have to send them on, but that was a dead-end. She will get them tomorrow.

The second hippo I made for the daughters of my pharmacist.

Paper mache hippo by Rex Winn

23 thoughts on “Hippos”

  1. These are fabulous, and you definitely captured different personalities. I would have had a tough time sending these on, but I would NOT have had a tough time coming up with a reason…I’m the youngest.

    • Thanks, Pam, for the chuckle. I haven’t made many pieces that I had a hard time parting with like these guys.

  2. I love them! Their individual character just come out so well. They are cute, and playfull, and the colors are stunning. What a nice project! 🙂

      • I have to admit, I don’t have a paper mache project at the moment. Just finished my PhD (not yet defended though), so that just took all of my time for the past 8 months. However, with autumn approaching, I was thinking to make some pumpkins. I’d like to stack three on top of each other, and do a “floral arrangement” with them…

        • A PhD is nothing to sneeze at! Good luck.
          The pumpkins ought to stack well. Years ago I made my sister a bunch of them (from 1′-3′ tall) and she stacks them together. Puts different decorations on them for fall seasons — autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. Can’t wait to see them. You always do interesting projects.

  3. What a piece of work you are, what marvelous pieces of work your hippos are! You are just going to make a hippo for yourself. Whatever possessed your sister to request hippos? Instead of like, ducklings or something? Well done with your generous self!

    • I must ask her why hippos. I have no idea. She called when she received them yesterday and was happy with them! She’s a wonder. If I had to guess, about 25 years ago we were in an artistic center in Palo Alto, California, and she bought some hippos. They were backs and heads of hippos sticking out of the “water,” so they were only a couple inches thick. She put them in her garden and the hippos are swimming around her yard. Maybe that’s the reason. They were fun to make, but the painting was a huge challenge!

      Thanks, Eileen

  4. You are such a good brother!!! The hippos have a lot of character with their poses and expressions. Everyone is going to love them!!! Nice job Rex!!

    • Thanks, Connie. When she called yesterday, she said, “I looked on the bottom of them to see if they had names.” It may be too late, but Leroy might have another job! I put a name on the momma, Sharon, my sister’s dog that just passed away. I don’t know if she has noticed yet.


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