hippity hop rabbits 1…2…

Made by Joanne Bookmyer

I thought Jonni’s book “Baby Animal Dolls” looked like it might lead to some fun projects – and I was right. However, my first attempt at a bunny head ended up as a wine bottle hare. He’s posed in the garden but he’ll be inside since he’s not water-proofed. My second attempt resulted in a pop-up bunny puppet. Still working on the third one, which I’m (pretty) sure will actually be an animal doll. Thanks, Jonni, for the inspiration!



3 thoughts on “hippity hop rabbits 1…2…”

  1. What a great idea as a pop up bunny! Very unique! Isn’t it amazing what you can recycle into art? Your wine bottle idea is cool. You are right about it being outdoors. I was told that yacht varnish will hold a paper mache sculpture, but haven’t tried it. Nice bunnies and great job!


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