Harry the Greyhound’s Mask Begins

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Last month I participated in a fundraising event for sighthounds, and Nancy won the auction for a custom-made paper mache mini-mask of Harry, her beautiful greyhound. She recently sent a fabulous set of photos, from every angle – they’re exactly what I needed for this portrait mask.

I started this project yesterday by creating a simplified mask form using a cardboard pattern based on photos of a greyhound skull. I then covered the clay form with two layers of plaster cloth. Now I have something solid to work on, and I’ll use Super Sculpey to add Harry’s unique features, like that distinctive Roman nose and visible lower canines.

In fact, I think I’ll start with the teeth, since it would be so much easier to work around them if they’re solid. It would be really difficult to make believable teeth with paper mache. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll make them with baked Sculpey, or if I’ll cast them with Aqua-Resin, using the Flexwax mold material that arrived in the mail a few days ago. Since I don’t have any white Sculpey, that might be the best way to do it. I’ll start working on them right after I upload this post.

10 thoughts on “Harry the Greyhound’s Mask Begins”

  1. Hello, I came across this post while searching for images of greyhound statues…and was immediately struck by how much Harry looks like my gorgeous greyhound Luisa! A big black girl with a Roman nose and round eyes! She’s the one in the middle in the pic.

      • Thank you so much Jonni 🙂 The little blue and white guy is actually my whippet (although he certainly thinks he is a greyhound), and the big blue and white boy (also Roman nosed) unfortunately isn’t mine- I was very close to adopting him though 🙂
        They do make a lovely trio!

  2. LOVE the visible canines & the floppy ears….lol!! What a gorgeous, handsome lad Harry is….a perfect recipient of your talent, Jonni. I will look forward to seeing the finished product.
    Congratulations to Nancy & Harry on their win.

  3. I love what you are doing with Harry’s pictures. You are a true artist! I can’t wait to see his teeth! What a lucky lady is Nancy, to have Harry in the first place, then to get a sculpture of him by YOU! Happy sculpting …

  4. Hi Jonni

    Do you use cloth like in Rich his methode? and is this the first time you are using cloth instead of paper towels? and if so I am curious why you thoose this method in this lovely gray hound Harry
    Looking forward to reading your findings of the aqua resin on Harry as wel as the great chimp

  5. Joni,
    Looks great! What clay do you use as a base. Some how I have not been getting your posts. I feel lost! I love your work!

    • I just used some wet clay that I bought at the local pottery store. If you aren’t getting the posts, they might be ending up in your spam folder. Or you could just subscribe again, and see what happens. (The technical workings are a mystery to me…) 🙂


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