Hare in-progress

Made by Carol Poppenga

Since Easter is just around the corner, I thought I should post a photo even though this Hare is a work in-progress. I still have a bit more to add to the “arms” and front paws before I can add his walking stick (a real small stick I found that will fit just perfect to the position of the paws.) I used a discarded plastic beverage bottle as the central core for the body and then added on the haunches, feet and arms. The head was started with a wad of newspaper shaped/sized/taped. A thin wire for each ear with tape added then manipulated to shape the ears. Thin wire was shaped then taped for the front legs (newspaper was added later to build up volume.
Why did I make this? Honestly—–I am using up materials (notably LOTS of newspapers) that have accumulated in my studio. I am a painter and muralist but people have been giving me all their old newspapers (like, maybe I’ll use it to protect surfaces when I paint?) so I decided to make some 3-D work and gain back some space in the process by using up a bunch of supplies that were taking over my studio! LoL

Paper mache hare in progress

Paper mache hare in progress

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