Grumpy Cat

Made by Phyllis Huber

Grumpy cat was inspired by a picture I found on the web. No idea who the artist is to give credit to. Grumpy is much heavier than the inspiration but might be why he is so Hangry! He was created using a lemonaid bottle, toilet paper roll for a neck, masking tape, and the Jonni wood glue paper mache method. A little acrylic paint and here he is.

Grumpy cat sculpture in paper mache

20 thoughts on “Grumpy Cat”

  1. Geweldig! Hij kijkt zo van: waag het niet bij mij in de buurt te komen! (Heeft ieder van ons wel eens toch?)Heel mooi gedaan!

    • Heel erg bedankt. Zo blij dat je het leuk vindt. Ik krijg die blik soms van mijn eigen kat, dus ik moest hem voor altijd bewaren. : )

    • Hey Pat,

      I used a plastic lemonaide bottle (half gallon?) When I saw the bottle I thought all along the shape reminded me of a cat. The curvature where the handle was looked like the shape of a cat sitting. So I used that first, then a toilet paper roll for the neck, news paper to shape the head and then hot glue sticks for the legs. The tail is the curved handle of the bottle cut off and taped to his butt area. Worked great just used a little rolled up newspaper to push into the end of the plastic handle until I got the length I wanted. : )

    • Thanks! I have a cat now that will give us that “I am not amused look” when things arent going EXACTLY her way. So when I saw the inspiration picture and laughed about it I had to try to create it.

  2. Your grumpy cat and all your little critters are very cute! Those pink snails would be a delight for any little girl!

    • Thanks Eileen. I agree the little pink snails would be perfect for any little girls room. My husbands favorite is the little mouse. He actually came in to watch the progress on it.


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