Giraffe Paint Pour

Made by Holly Clayton

I had a blast making this. I was also doing Acrylic Paint Pouring at the time and decided to paint my Giraffe using the same technique. I am currently working on the Jack Rabbit pattern, but will paint this one traditionally.

9 thoughts on “Giraffe Paint Pour”

  1. Your giraffe is gorgeous. Using the natural colors was genius! And yes, it does look like sculpted stone. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fantastic job!
    The colors look perfect, and the paint pour fabulous.
    I keep trying paint pours on 3D items, but have not had near this success!
    Any special hints/tips in that regard? Do you use Floetrol in your pour mix or something else?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Yes, I use Floetrol in my pours. I just put the Giraffe on a stand in the middle of a box lined in plastic then after adding the paint into cups, poured it over the Giraffe and made sure it was all covered. Then sealed it.

    • Hello Lisa Anne,

      My apologies, I did not see your post until now. First thank you for your praise, it is so nice to hear when someone likes your hard work. It is greatly appreciate. Second. Yes I do use Floetrol in my pour mix. Tips: I put my paints in squeeze bottles after mixing. it makes it easy to just pick up the color I want and add to the project. After the pour dried I put on a glossy enamel.


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