Giraffe and Elephant

Made by Brenda Levasseur

Here are my versions of Jonni’s but instead of papermache I paint with thick acrylic and Utrecht modeling paste and I used it on top of the masking tape because I was afraid to try the toilet paper lol. I wrapped jute around the elephants trunk and put on a few layers.. I have tried the papermache finally and thought what was I afraid of..probably because I did do brown paper and had to cook it for a few hours…it did have a nice brown color to it…

3 thoughts on “Giraffe and Elephant”

  1. These are beautiful. They look like they are coming out of the floor. I have never used modeling paste. Does it hold more detail than Jonni’s original pm recipe?

    • Hi as it dries it gets stiffer. I’ve haven’t done Jonni’s original yet so can’t compare but on my elephant I was able to make textured strokes on trunk and ears as it dried…


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