Gilda the Giraffe

Made by Barbara Corak

I have made two other giraffes that I hand sculpted. Gilda was put together with Jonni’s giraffe pattern. So much fun and so accurate. I must admit I wasn’t sure how to paint her. My other giraffes I decoupaged African Mud clothes for their spots. Far more whimsical than Gilda. My condo is decorated African motifs with African masks, animal rugs and other animal figurines. I have water fountains and palm trees in two places. My son always ask people, before they visit me, if they had gotten their shots. I love love giraffes and after this virus takes a hike, I’m going to the zoo to pet one.

Paper mache giraffe head

10 thoughts on “Gilda the Giraffe”

    • Thanks Rex. I’m back and I looked at all your wonderful pieces of art.
      Hope your taking good care of yourself

      • Did you see the T-Rex I made for my sister? I only say that because it is the one miracle I’ve had in paper mache where it stood on two feet! My dog keeps me walking and away from everyone, so I’m trying! Thanks.

        • Yes I saw all of your work. I haven’t made anything that stands on its own legs. That was quite an achievement. I would love to make a standing Grayhound for my niece but I haven’t felt confident yet to do it. Keep up your good work.

  1. She is very glam with those long eyelashes and I love the colours, very African! Is the leopard print fabric or did you paint it! Either way it looks fabulous on the mount.

    • I painted the board first then I decoupaged African mud clothes over the brown paint. I then used apoxy glue to mount Gilda on the board

  2. Fabulous coloring and pose…
    I particularly like the little bits of fur you added – that really gives her some wonderful added character!


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