Gila Woodpecker

Made by Margarethe Brummermann

After making another batch of Hummingbirds – they sell surprisingly well in our coop gallery, despite the rather high price that I’m asking because they do take a lot of time to make – I wanted another bird that can be combined with a piece of Cholla Skeleton for its base. So here is a not quite life-size Gila Woodpecker.

Paper mache hummingbirds

8 thoughts on “Gila Woodpecker”

  1. Beautiful job on all the birds. Just had one of those ladder back wood peckers at my house. The humming bird feeder is close by. Great job!!

  2. The hummingbirds are awesome. I see why they sell well. And I love the woodpecker. Every once in a while I see one in the yard, so this is a great reminder of a beautiful bird. Thanks.


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