Gerry Giraffe

Made by Phyllis Huber

Absolutely love the giraffe pattern you created Jonni. This is my interpretation of him. I went with a tall one, as you can see. Used a tomato cage to give the additional height and perfect size to create what I wanted. I used the wood glue paper mache method you teach and its my favorite I must say. A little acrylic paint and some false eye lashes and a couple of grass skirts cut down to make the mane and here he is.

Paper mache giraffe head closeup

9 thoughts on “Gerry Giraffe”

  1. Thanks Eileen!

    I am very pleased with the outcome and my little girl Emily decided she wanted to share in the moment by getting in the picture. I agree its a nice way of showing off the actual scale of it. Plus, Emily is so cute always glad to let her make her appearance and share her too. : )

  2. Love it! You did a great job on the painting of this big fella! Also love the little doggie displaying just how large the giraffe is!


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