Fur Texture with Paper Mache Clay

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This video shows a fast and easy way to create a fur texture using paper mache clay.

Fur Texture with Paper Mache Clay

Note: I recently made another video about making fur with paper mache clay, using my grizzly bear mask as the base. In that video I used an aluminum foil ‘stamp.’ It was fun to do – if you’d like to see that video, too, click here for the bear fur texture video.

I used my tiger mask pattern for this video, but the same method would work for a long-haired dog, or the fur around the edge of a wolf’s face, or even a man’s beard.

When you pull the paper mache clay this way, the tiny paper fibers stick out, creating a feathery look. It also creates dips that show up nicely as shadows, even before the piece is painted.

And it’s a really fast way to get a fur texture with paper mache clay that looks really nice.

Fur texture with paper mache clay

Links mentioned in the video:

White tiger? Orange tiger?

When the pattern was finished I couldn’t decide if I should make it a white tiger mask, or an orange tiger. I did a fast survey of my readers and YouTube subscribers, and White Tiger won the vote.

white tiger headdress mask pattern
Orange lion cub headdress mask pattern

So I painted my headdress-style tiger mask as a white tiger – but then also turned my lion cub mask into an orange tiger cub (just because I thought it would be fun). You can see how the cub was painted here. I didn’t put any fur texture on the baby tiger, but that would have been nice – especially inside the ears.

If you’d like to see how the white tiger was painted, click here and scroll down to the video.

13 thoughts on “Fur Texture with Paper Mache Clay”

  1. Hello, new follower. I have fallen in love with your art, and you! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful art pieces, tips, tricks, and knowledge with us. I went out today and bought all my supplies πŸ™‚ Im super excited to venture off into this new hobby. Peace, love, and blessings to you Jonni! You’re wonderful!

  2. Hi Jonnie,
    Since you already have done a mask with orange and black this could be white with black stripes.
    Any thing you do will be excellent as always.

  3. I have always preferred the orange and black fur. But white and black with blue eyes would be beautiful , too.

  4. This video was so enjoyable. Very inspiring and an easy explanation of what you are using. Visiting you for patterns very soon. Thanks again for the instructions.

  5. I’m torn between white and orange! I honestly don’t think you can go wrong either way. Loved the video. Thanks for doing what you do.

  6. Under heavy protest (which of your children do you want me to save?), I say orange. I think white would be fantastic. Part of my thinking comes from the murder hornet which was very dramatic in black and white.

    I am startled, frankly, by this mask. It may convince me that I might try it. Absolutely magnificent. I appreciate your tutorial and can use it if I ever get myself in reverse gear to get back to projects on the table but unfinished. It gave me an idea I need to push the knife the opposite way when doing fringe anything. Can’t wait to try it.

    Thank you.


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