Full Sized Fox Puppet

Made by David Pinkham

I used Jonni’s fox mask template to make the head for a slightly-larger-than-life fox puppet for a production of R+H Cinderella at Campolindo H.S. in Moraga, CA. I used paper mache clay over a chipboard template, then added some acrylic modeling paste for fine texture. Acrylic color and a matt finish capped it off. The head is filled with expanding foam and has a bicycle brake and cable attached to a paint roller handle to articulate the added lower jaw. The neck is a piece of flexible dryer vent. The body is cardboard sono-tube covered with foam. The articulating feet and legs are 1/8″ plywood, and the articulating tail is PVC pipe fittings with pool noodles for padding. It’s all covered in a beautiful fake fur I found on line. The photo is from our production and shows the 3 puppeteers required to fully manage the fox.

Fox puppet head

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