From Frog Pattern to Dragons

Made by Elle Bennett

So after I completed my first ever paper mache project (Bunny head) my kids decided I needed a challenge. They wanted to be Toothless and Light Fury from How to Train Your Dragon. I had no idea how I would go about this. I searched your patterns and decided your Frog head would make a great shape to start. After putting your pattern together, I built up the eyebrow area to match the character with foil and masking tape. After paper mache was complete, I added elastic in back, buckram so they could see, and lots of paint. As you can see, the dragon wings actually opened up and flapped. I used footsie pajamas for the ‘body’.

So a frog can become a dragon!

How to Train Your Dragon costume - Toothless

How to Train Your Dragon costume - Light Fury

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