Friendly Toad and Mushroom

Made by Lisa Halverson

The red and white mushroom is my first ever paper mache project. It was so fun! I started with a bowl and a travel cup from the Dollar store and went to town from there! Of course, then the mushroom needed a happy toad to sit next to it, so here also is…Leonard the Toad : ) I used Jonni’s technique of starting with a flat cardboard side view outline of body and legs and filled in/taped with tin foil and masking tape. Cheated a bit on the spots…those are clay. The photo with chair below shows his size. I also used the paper mache clay recipe from this site. Mine was a bit too watery, but I made it work in the end. Live and learn, though! Thanks, Jonni, for all your videos and great inspiration! I recently bought your book, ‘Make Animal Sculptures with Paper Mache Clay’ and can’t wait to dive into it.

Paper Mache Clay Toad

Toad in Chair

3 thoughts on “Friendly Toad and Mushroom”

  1. Very nice and welcome to the club! I second Rex’s advice on not being afraid to ask questions….someone will answer and you may start a lively discussion! Love the toad and toadstool!

  2. Lisa, awesome! I pulled out a drawing of a toadstool and was going to paint it for a friend, but when I saw your toadstool, I thought why not make one. I love yours, so thanks for the inspiration and redirection!

    The little toad I had here has been gone for five years. Leonard has such character.

    I predict you’ll have more fun than is allowed with Jonni’s book. I got my copy many years ago and never looked back. I made one mistake, and that was not getting on this site to ask questions for well over a year. If you have any questions, someone will have an answer. Can’t wait to see your projects from the book. Thanks.


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