Frank Mask (Rabbit from Donnie Darko)

Made by Alex Ratkovic

I actually made this a few years ago for Halloween. I made a fur suit as well but the mask is my favourite part. It lives on my wall. I used a basic mask base from the craft store with newspaper to make some of the bigger parts, then covered everything in paper maché clay. The eyes are popped out sunglasses lenses. The teeth are baked clay. The ears have coat hanger wire and cardboard inside. I loved using the paper maché clay and am back on your website now for the recipe so I can make something new! Thanks for everything!

1 thought on “Frank Mask (Rabbit from Donnie Darko)”

  1. Your masks is very nicely done – and more than slightly terrifying. As it should be, of course. I would love to see the faces on your visitors when they see it for the first time. 🙂


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