Paper Mache Fox by Ron Greig

Made by Ron Greig

I’ve done some work in clay, over the years but, since this piece was headed to the UK, I wanted to keep the weight down. Luckily I came across Ultimate Paper Mache and Jonni. I asked a couple questions then mixed up a batch of paper Mache clay. I’m not great for following rules, so made the basic frame our of rolled up and taped newspaper; with strategic wire ‘bones’. Anyway, here ’tis at home in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Paper Mache Fox by Ron Greig”

  1. Love the fox! I like the expression on the face, and that he is resting nice and comfy on his bed. I made my fox, Luke, using plastic grocery bags, masking tape, and of course paper mache clay. Nice job with the paint job too.

  2. He’s probably safer in the U.K. He looks very contented and happy. Nice work, even if you didn’t follow the rules. That’s how we make progress.


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