Four legged funny chicken

Made by Deena Dsouza

This is my second paper mache project so I am pretty new to this. This started out as an inside joke which I wanted to bring to life. I used Jonni’s vintage chicken and some images on the internet as references. The armature is made from newspaper, foil and masking tape. I used cardboard to make the beak, wattle and tail and polymer Clay for the eyes. The legs are wire with paper strips and flour paste on top. I used paper mache Clay on the rest of the body. I could not find joint compound in Germany so I used a Clay made from flour, PVA glue, corn starch and paper pulp and it worked out great. I sanded the paper mache because I wanted it to be pretty smooth and then applied a couple of layers of gesso ( glue, cornstarch and white acrylic paint) allowing the figure to dry in between. I also sanded the gesso to get it smooth. Finally I painted the chicken with acrylic paint using a dry brush to get the feathery effect. I will probably varnish it at some point to make it last longer.

Crazy Four-Legged Chicken made with paper mache

Crazy Four-Legged Chicken armature

3 thoughts on “Four legged funny chicken”

  1. It’s a great chicken. Love it, even the four legs. He won’t be falling over. He definitely deserves a place on the table, keeping an eye on everything. Thanks for the laugh.


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