Four dogs on the floor

Made by Lummie Bergsma

Hi Jonni,
A Friend from the U.S.A wanted me to create 4 dogs, who were as close to him as though they were his own.
Acey, Jezebel and Skooter. All together three miniature Pinschers and one Jack Russell Terrier.
Acey was made twice, one standing and one laying on it’s back.

Miniature Pinschers sculpture

Jack Russel Terrier sculpture

7 thoughts on “Four dogs on the floor”

  1. Awesome. Lummie, your animals — dogs, mice, and whatever else– are the very best. I don’t know why you aren’t a world-renown artist. Others, beside myself, are going to cry with joy and have these wonderful memories the rest of their lives. Thank you for sharing them.


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