Florida Cracker Cowboy

Made by Toni Webb

I started making this without a plan, something I hardly ever do. I usually only do animal subjects, in paint as well as sculpture. But I was intrigued by a hat I saw in a photo! This piece is done without paint or coloring of any kind. I used the paper color in every case – sky blue from a magazine page for the eyes, a pink dress ad for the lips, the gray hair is crumpled newspaper, the skin is brown paper grocery bags, the hat is black construction paper. My first ‘person!’


5 thoughts on “Florida Cracker Cowboy”

  1. Toni, it is just superb! I really loved his eyes. Too good, simply marvelous.
    I shall give a try like this sometime hopefully.

  2. Toni, I have seen this guy around! You captured the essence really well, and the use of paper is great. All of my siblings (8) would know, love, and recognize him. Great work. Thanks. (To tell the truth, he looks like some of the uncles I grew up with.)

  3. Impressive that you used no paint at all. That took some brainstorming for sure. He is quite the character. Nice work.


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