Finished! My paper mache on a side table project”

Made by Helen Heaney

I started making Cecilia in 2022, reached out to Jonni for some advice about how to make her hair and used Jonni’s paper clay for her face (covering a plastic store bought mask) and her horse mane video for inspiration for her hair. I finally finished her a few weeks ago. Thanks Jonni.

5 thoughts on “Finished! My paper mache on a side table project””

  1. Hi Helen

    Such a nice table you have made.

    I just have few questions if you can help.

    Did you only use paper mache on the table ?

    Is the base metal on which you have pasted the paper mache and if yes how did you do it ?

    • Sorry Sanyam, I have just located this post and your message. I bought a cheap side table (timber), cylindrical in shape. I used paper Mache to cover the timber then I created a protruding section at the front, with cardboard stuffed with paper and plastic to assemble the face and hair onto. I then started the face by using a cheap plastic mask (mine was spider man – true! from a cheap import shop) that I then paper mached. To improve the shape of the face I used Joanne’s paper mashe paste. I made the hair using varied wool and string thicknesses coated in Jonni’s paste. Finished off with a large circular timber top and acrylic paint. I decorated her with polymer clay flowers, a gold chain necklace and an old brooch.


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