Fight Like a Girl

Made by Terry Camp

My wife of 43 years died last year and I needed a project to get completely involved in. Wonder Woman in pink. This is for the scarecrow festival in Cambria, Ca. She stands 6′ 2″. This is also to bring attention to breast cancer awareness.

7 thoughts on “Fight Like a Girl”

  1. Terry,
    I can’t think of a better way to work through grief than to create something. You honor your wife as well as contribute to a better future for those with breast cancer. And you give yourself time and space to be alone with your thoughts of her. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Great sculpture, Terry. I’m sure your wife would have loved it. What materials did you use to make it? It’s so smooth, it reminds me of fiberglass. Any secrets you’d like to share about your process?

    • Thank you. The entire surface is covered with a relatively thin layer of air dry clay. This clay comes from Italy and is a very popular brand. I use; cardboard, thin plywood, styrofoam, your paper Mache clay(for strength). The shiny ruby red costume is first sprayed with gold enamel paint then followed by a candy apple enamel. The emblems are made of air dry clay and I will explain how in another post. For today, I am once again in tears. Thank you for posting this project. Fight Like a Girl org is aware of this project.


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