Feelings Box Paper Mache clay

Made by Diane

First, I want to thank Jonni for creating such a caring and sharing community and for her eagerness to educate and share her knowledge!! She is always willing and prompt! at answering questions. Jonni, how about a FAQ tab on your website that would be a resource for all our questions. The community can then find the answers there rather than you answering the same questions over and over!

Often the discussions and questions are about “how to get a really smooth surface”. I’m experimenting with the opposite. I like texture and embellishments.

This is a box that I created from paper mache clay, embellished with antique paper, flowers that I dried, a stone as a knob and handmade that I made and then printed on. Each side is different.

I made it for the family of a dear friend that just died so they could write their feelings, thoughts, hopes and wishes on some of the handmade paper and put them in the “feelings box”.

When I was out for a walk I saw a stone that sparkled in the sunlight and thought it would be perfect as a knob. Like my friend, it was strong and sparkled. The psalm that I printed on the handmade paper was read at her funeral. Since I didn’t have time to make a new box and have it fully dry, I took one I made earlier and completely changed the look.




4 thoughts on “Feelings Box Paper Mache clay”

    • Thank you, Pat. The family really finds comfort and love in the box. It is especially dear since it is filled it with loving words and sentiments family and friends wrote on pieces of paper and put in the box.

  1. This is absolutely lovely.

    What a wonderful way to celebrate life and love.

    I really like your comment about “how to get things smooth” vs. you working with the opposite. How very appropriate for this box, as life is anything but “smooth”. Our life’s journey incorporates all kinds of textures…from extreme challenges to outrageous joys and everything in-between. All put together, those textures create the beauty of each of us.

    Wonderful work; thank you!

    • Thank you Lisa+Anne for your kind thoughts. Your description of life is right on. I do seem to like opposing entities…antiques and contemporary, bright colors and muted colors, sunny days and rainy days! Not so much with cold days and hot days. I prefer a smaller window there.


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