Fan Art IT 2 air dry clay

Made by Lesley Shiels

This is my second attempt at air dry clay and this time I used Jonni’s recipe.

This is a present for my son’s birthday and it is my interpretation of the film IT 2 of Pennywise the spider. I added the balloon as it is iconic for the film.

The base is wire and foil and I was able to fathom out how to put it together by watching Jonni’s animal masks. When adding the clay it took a little while as I built it up in layers. The hardest part was adding the glasses for Richie as I wanted to paint his face before putting the glasses on. I ended up putting the arms of the glasses against the sides of the face and fixed them on with more clay. They are delicate though. Hopefully at a later date I shall work out how to attach glasses easier.

I used artists powder paint to colour the model.

IT 2 Fan Art with Air Dry Clay

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    • Hi Briana

      Thank you. I would not do the exact same model as it is one of a kind. In the New Year I shall get you to give me your email and we can sort something out.


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