4 thoughts on “Fairy”

  1. Thanks Eileen for your comment, looking forward to seeing your sprite, could not find inspiration for actual position so I got my 10year old granddaughter to pose and we came up with this, working on a trunk up elephant a glass jar tea candle lantern and another head which I have no idea which body it will end up with.

  2. Your fairy is lovely! And I had to chuckle as I am currently working on a similar piece. Mine is not a fairy but is a wood sprite, doesn’t have wings but is dressed in green and has blond hair as well. She is under a sunflower trying to get a butterfly to land on her hand. She should be finished in a week or so…just starting the painting now.
    What are the chances of two of us paper mache addicts would basically have the same idea. I’ll post mine when done. I congratulate you on a sweet success!

  3. Hi Pat thanks for your comment, I used a polystyrene ball and applied air dry clay in thin layers. A tinfoil ball will also work fine.


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