Elephants in Progress

Made by Holly Clayton

Have been working on these two scaled down baby elephants. One I was able to use a plastic bottle and cut it partly in half and turn it into a piggy bank. I have struggled with the ears and even proportions, but I am pretty new to all of this so with Jonni’s tutelage and a lot of time and luck , they are coming along, I think. Any suggestions on what I could do next such as how to fix the weird trunks, if there is something I should be doing different or any cool ways to paint these, that would be greatly appreciated.

Armature for baby elephants

Paper mache elephants

1 thought on “Elephants in Progress”

  1. I have never made an elephant so I can’t really make a suggestion.
    I can tell you that I like them. I can see the work and time you have put into them.
    We all struggle with projects from time to time.
    I sometimes, just have to walk away from a sculpture and free my mind up and come back to it at a later date. It actually works for me.


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