Eight Christmas Gnomes

Made by Danielle Haggerty

I was inspired by your adorable Santa sculpture. I thought I’d make one for each of my siblings and my Mom for Christmas. Once I started they kinda evolved into gnome wizard type creatures.

I made each with my brothers and sisters in mind..Mom too! Added little beads and number charms and hung them off their hat brims marking our birth orders and painted little sayings on the bottoms for fun. I followed directions using toilet paper rolls and aluminum foil for the form and whiskers. I used all different types of papers and craft paints to cover and decorate.

I had so much fun making these! Your paper mache sculptures are pure works of art and an inspiration to me!

I’m loving the new puffer fish…it’s on my list.

Paper mache gnome

Personalized Family of Gnomes

10 thoughts on “Eight Christmas Gnomes”

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      • I think about these every day because of the clever idea and execution. I keep wondering what little things I could make like that. For example, a nephew and niece were visiting my neighbor, and it would have been fun to give them a little something. I’m still thinking about it, but what a kind thing. ;>)

  1. Your gnomes are so unique and I’m sure each and every one of your family members appreciate receiving their own special gift! Very nice!

  2. Danielle, I love what you did with your gnomes, both the way you finished them with the colorful paper, and the idea of personalizing each one for your family members. Thanks so much for sharing them with us – you’ve given us some great ideas for next Christmas. 🙂


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