Egyptian sculpture

Made by Edwin Mojica jr

Hi jonni. And everyone , well I moved and had a few boxes and some drywall compound left so decided to make an Egyptian statue it’s 13 feet tall I just layed the boxes on the floor taped them and used jonni ‘s paper mache clay which is amazing and aluminum foil to create the shape.

I plan to add arms and have him holding a hanging lamp once I paint him stone color and add more texture. This was another unplanned project beginning stages I got to to stand on it own I love jonni s clay because thin layer drys really hard and I just did two layers and it’s able to stand I should be done in a week or two just wanted to share and I’ve been Mia for a bit can’t wait to see everyone s projects and also catch up on jonni s utube channel I love watching I’ve learned so much thank you .

2 thoughts on “Egyptian sculpture”

  1. Edwin, your sculptures are always so impressive – and not just because they’re so big. :) Your attention to detail, the research you obviously do – outstanding! Thanks for showing your latest sculpture to us. I hope we can see it when it’s finished, too.

    • Thank you Jonni so much I’ve learned so much from you , you’ve really inspired me to create, I remember few years catching your utube channel for the first time never made anything in my life and following how you made a project which was the reindeer head I worked on it and came out amazing that started my passion so thank you ?


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