Egyptian inspired vase

Made by Edwin Mojica jr

Hi I just finished this Egyptian inspired vase today I made it with cardboard aluminum foil and papier-mâché clay and used some gems I had left over I used color pencils for the art work for the whole thing and then some gold paint I had but basically all colored with color pencils on the dried paper mache clay then went over it with a shiny spray varnish and for the top rim I had a piece of an old lamp so I just glued it on top I love how the varnish made the colors pop once it dried the color pencils I got from store was like 11 buck for the pack of color pencils everything else I had I heard that once you spray the varnish it will get darker and from the looks of it it did happy with how it came out

Egyptian inspired vase made with paper mache clay

Egyptian inspired vase made with paper mache clay

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