Easter Bunny

Made by Jeannie Rueter

This was a really simple project and lots of fun. I used a pre-existing form just because I already had it and wanted to do something with it. I made the bunny using an inexpensive paper mache egg that I bought at Target several years ago and sculptor’s wire mesh for the ears.

I used the same basic technique as for Jonni’s outdoor gnome. I covered everything in green painters tape then plaster cloth. I made the eyes and nose by melting small bits of glass in a kiln but beads, buttons, or polished stones would work, too.

Once the plaster cloth was dry I coated the whole piece with sanded grout I had left over from a tile floor repair. I painted the body and outer ears with an indoor/outdoor latex paint I had used on my fireplace and pink craft paint for inside the ears. He stands about 16″ tall.

I made him so he could be put outside but he’s too cute to stay outdoors! Next year maybe…
Love your website, Jonni!

Easy Outdoor Easter Bunny Step 1
Easy Outdoor Easter Bunny, Step 1
Easy Outdoor Easter Bunny Step 2
Easy Outdoor Easter Bunny – Step 2

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