Dual Purpose Wolf Head

Made by Louise Mckervey

I am so happy I found your site. I’ve been playing around with paper mache the last couple of months and learning and stuffing up a lot of things on my own, so it was great to use a pattern and make the clay to do something properly. 🙂

He’s dual purpose because the kids can use him for role playing fairy tales and I can look at her and dream of being a proper ‘woman who runs with Wolves!’

Having fun and learning lots, thanks!

Paper mache wolf head

1 thought on “Dual Purpose Wolf Head”

  1. Hi Louise. I love the idea of a ‘dual purpose’ wolf. That was one of the original purposes of masks, wasn’t it – to help us dream ourselves into a different word, and feel closer to the natural world. (Or did I just make that up? 🙂 )
    Thanks for sharing!


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