Beginning the Dragon

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paper mache dragon
How Jonni’s Dragon Looked When it Was Finished

I told you last week that I intended to have an extended tutorial series about making a paper mache dragon. I haven’t got very far yet, but I do have a plan. That’s something, anyway. 🙂

Things mentioned in the video:

If you’re way ahead of me and you already have a finalized version of your dragon – or even if you’re just playing with some ideas, go ahead and post your drawings below. It’s always fun to build something together.

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17 thoughts on “Beginning the Dragon”

  1. Hi Joni!
    Are you planning on offering an online dragon class anytime soon. I’m a beginner but really need a dragon for my son’s wedding. The things mom’s do!
    Diane Dalrymple

  2. You know that song by Paul McCartney (ex-Beatle) – “Maybe I’m Amazed,” Well no doubt about it – I’M AMAZED. Unbelievable – did that crazy paper mache guy – make a comment (think his name is Dan Reader)?

    • I think Dan’s been a bit busy, lately. His videos have gone viral, it seems, and he’s been swamped with questions and visitors on his own blog. Now if Martha Steward or someone like that would just find me…. 😉

      Some of Dan’s construction methods would have made things easier for me if I’d used them instead of making things up as I went along. I think the dragon would have ended up much lighter, at least. But it still came out pretty nice, don’t you think?

    • I don’t sell my sculptures. My writing schedule takes up too much of my time. To sell them, I’d need to develop a whole new business, and it just isn’t worth it to me. I do see paper mache on etsy.com sometimes, but I don’t know how well they sell.

  3. Hi Jonni,

    I like to be in “the dragon class”. Now when the summer is over and I am inside the house, so I long to start sculpting with papier mache again.
    Have been working out in the garden many months. Maybe I do a dragon to put out in my garden.
    It will be very fun, although I have many unfinished projekt to do.
    Looking forward to se the next video.

  4. Hi, Jonni,

    I am so far behind I will never catch up. Attached is a very bad photo of the stained-glass dragon I did years ago. I took it from an ink drawing. When I find the artist’s name, I will let you know. I used her ink drawing as inspiration for this dragon, added the background, etc. It is 41″ x 46″. (I am still unpacking and trying to create a zone to get back to paper mache. In new house 6 days!) I love what everyone is doing.

  5. Hi all. I will put it to my boys, 6 and 8, and ask what kind of a dragon they’d like for the play room… I’ll probably steer them to a flying one.
    Currently doing a little spider as a test run for two spiders I need to have done by Sunday for our ‘Messy Church’ interactive fun evening. Am also doing two spiderwebs for them.
    Will post a picture of planned dragon soon.
    Tony and the boys.

  6. I will try to make a dragon to give to our local library

    I just got my chicken clock done for my daughters birthday.

  7. I look forward to seeing everybody work on their dragons. I’ll be starting on a big rock with a sparkly paper waterfall soon. It’s part of a theatrical set. It’s where we will hide the lighting geek. I think we’re going to call it The Geek Hut. We’ll be using some Jonni tips and techniques. Thank you Jonni! We’ll take pictures of the process to share for sure.

  8. How exciting to start a dragon-a-long. I may not make one with you, but I’ll definitely be following your progress. I love your sketches and hearing how you start the process with research and thought.

  9. Wings straight up off the back or to the back would be great as well. Think I’m going to do overhead ones to get some height.

  10. I’m very excited to create a dragon! I made a wire and tissue paper one for my son, about 8 years ago! We always thought it’d be fun to make one into a Lamp. Wings for sure… I’ll follow along with you as best I can. Thanks for your ongoing brilliance and inspiration!


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