Dragon wall hanging

Made by Ali D

I made this green dragon a few years ago and he is now in need of repairs after several moves and a bit of handling. He was created free-hand, meaning not from a pattern and just crumpled newspaper. The finish on him is mostly Jonni’s first paper clay recipe with some cloth mache as well. The scales for instance are cloth and I think his neck as well. The teeth are air dry commercial clay and some broke. The pointy scales running up the centre are just cardboard with paper strips glued on. I am going to redo that part completely.

There are a few other parts that I am not happy with so they will get a reno. Next to him is another one that I am starting. At the moment though, I have to put my work on hold while waiting for a new window install. I have a problem with water incursion and ants. We are in the depths of winter with snow up to our knees and lots of minus 20C but it is better than when we had minus 50. So the window gets installed soon and then I will be back to work on some creation.

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