Dragon Skull Finished

Made by Sonnet Murray

Fiiiinally finished this piece that I started back in late Sept/early October. It’s a dragon skull based on a video game character I liked as a child. It was finished enough to wear for Halloween, but then life got super busy till now. Today I put the finishing or ‘weathering’ paint on it. Now all I have to do is seal it and I may glue some black fabric into the holes to hide the wire armature underneath.

Materials used: armature of wire, card stock and foam, covering of paper mache and paper mache clay, paint with various spray paints and acrylic for weathering paint.

It has some cracks on it because I’ve dropped it a few times and real cracks have happened >_< I’m and I haven’t had time to repair them all so I figured they added character and used paint to make them part of the character.

Also, the horns are removable for easier storage. I keep them affixed with a combination of magnets and Velcro.

Someday I intend to make a full size bone dragon costume to go with it!

dragon skull2

7 thoughts on “Dragon Skull Finished”

  1. Love it! Beautiful work. The magnets and velcro are a good idea. Does it balance pretty well when you’re wearing it?

  2. Very cool…I like the paint job, it definitely looks like an old skull. I agree about the cracks…they do add character. It’s what we call a happy accident! Nice job.


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