Dragon mask from Jonni’s pattern

Made by Marena Kehl

Jonni’s patterns are fabulous. I made this dragon mask for my granddaughter for Halloween. The wood glue Jonni recommends for this paper mache mask is a game changer for me . Thanks, Jonni.

Top view of the dragon mask

Front view of the dragon mask


4 thoughts on “Dragon mask from Jonni’s pattern”

  1. Hi Marena. Thanks so much for sharing photos of your dragon mask. It looks great! The textures you added really make it special. Can you tell us how you made those wonderful horns, and how you made the little dots on his muzzle? 🙂

    • The horns have a aluminum foil base, with one layer of paper mache. They were still pliable/ bendable at that stage. I then wrapped them with yarn, gessoed them and painted them. I worried that they might be heavy, but they weren’t. The dots/texture on the muzzle were/was made with glitter glue. They could have been made with puffy paint or scribble paints or some such dimensional product.


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