Big Winged Dragon for the Wall

Made by randy crawford

Hi Jonni, This is brown papered in side and out for strength.Then paper mache clay. a very thin layer on the body and the rib portion of the wings. First smoothing it then going back over and lifting the clay to create the skin. Paint and a coating of poly matte finish. I used a water base poly dries fast a quick clean up. I want to say again. I never could have done this with out learning your Technique use of the clay. Stay safe Randy

Paper mache dragon

Note: To see Randy’s dragon when it was still in progress, click here.

3 thoughts on “Big Winged Dragon for the Wall”

  1. Brilliant work.
    I love dragons.
    Please tell me did you use a pattern for the head? The whole thing?
    Well done!

  2. Fabulous! Though a bit scary for he seems very large and wants to snack on you as you enter the room. How big is he anyway?


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