Don’t call me chicken!

Made by Liz Gamble

So I’m hooked! I’ve made this to give to my sister-in-law for Christmas (hopefully it survives the journey). Unfortunately i didn’t make up the design but I’m hoping that the artist I copied her from is flattered that I liked her design so much. She’s not perfect but I love her.

Paper mache chicken


6 thoughts on “Don’t call me chicken!”

  1. Thanks everyone. I’m considering making a bunch of chickens and seeing if I can sell them. Maybe I will give up my day job! Ha Ha!!!

  2. Yes, Eileen is right! That is about the cutest chicken I have seen. I am glad my brother doesn’t get on this blog. He would never give me peace, and he would love a chicken like this. Thank you. Awesome!

  3. Cute! So retro…I’m betting your sister was a flower child! And, the best form of flattery is in imitation, so don’t worry.


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